Monday, May 5, 2008

What Tough Winter?!

I had to include one more image of the garden in front of the Parker Center. The tulips ('Prinses Irene' and 'Orange Queen') are at peak and still may have some color for Mother's Day. We see a lot of families wandering the gardens during that weekend (if the weather is ok) and we'll even have a brunch/breakfast hosted at the gardens on that Sunday. Today was just beautiful but sunny and hot enough to encourge liberal applications of sunscreen. I'm pretty good about sunscreen and don't mind being pasty year round. My skin will thank me for it I'm sure.

We had an awesome Grumpy work day and accomplished lots of gardening tasks. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of work these guys will sink their teeth in to each week. I'm fortunate to have so many dedicated Grumpies and volunteers in general. With more visitors coming thru the gardens this time of year, we're really focusing on keeping things tidy and decimating that first wave of weeds.

Lots of spring-blooming shrubs and trees are starting to bloom with the return of sunshine and some heat. This is a double flowering plum (Prunus triloba 'Multiplex') that looks unbelievable for about a week; then fades away in to obscurity. It has few "equal competitors" when it blooms. Too bad that it is interesting for only 2% of the year! Some of our yellow magnolias are blooming today. 'Solar Flair' (correct spelling) is very beautiful and steals the show before the blooms disappear and the foliage fills out. This magnolia (like many of the yellow "bloomers") blooms later than saucer and star magnolias, thereby missing some of the early spring frosts.

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