Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bue's Return!

Above is a neat magnolia hybrid that is blooming right now. This is a cross between our native Magnolia macrophylla and Magnolia sieboldii from Asia (Japan, China, Korea). This small deciduous tree has large, tropical looking leaves and a huge, clear white blossoms in late May/early June. We're surprised it's done so well as we thought it would be a bit "touchy" in our winters.

The Bue's (Marv & Marianne) came back to work today after a month-long cruise. They are both integral members of our grounds staff and their return coincides well with the onslaught of the season so to speak. It's nice to have the team intact. Jenny has been helping out and will continue thru next week. She is a great worker and it has been nice working with her again.
Marv and Terry did a nice job installing a very large bronze sculpture of baby bears in a tree. Placed in our woodland walk, this piece will be a real eyecatcher for all that travel this path. This garden is also shaping up nicely with just a bit of planting left.

To the left is the red buckeye (Aesculus pavia) in full bloom at the gardens. This small tree reaches only 20' or so in height and has glossy green, bold leaves. Smothered in blooms in late May, these trumpet-shaped flowers will also attract humminbirds.

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