Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Proactive Planning Has Its Merits

Today is a good example of how crazy things can get around here. We are trying to juggle the plant sale, picking up plants, weeding, etc. Our proactive approach to everything should keep us from falling too far behind. Larry went on two trips today to pick up wax begonias and the start of our heirloom tomato and hot pepper plants. We had to put them all inside as it's still a little chilly tonite and they are predicting possible thunder showers. I envisioned all our tender vegetables pummeled by torrential rainfall. Anyway, they're safe for now but can't be inside forever. Thus begins the shuffle to bring plants inside and out depending on the weather outside. To the left is another sedge called 'Silver Scepter' (Carex morrowii). It has a nice silver variegation on sturdy leaves. It is essentially a clumper but will spread slightly over the years. I would not catagorize it as a running sedge. Regardless, look to clumping sedges for texture and color in the part shade to full shade garden. This vine below is a variegated climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris 'Miranda'). It is a great vine for working it's way up the furrowed bark of larger trees (a cottonwood in this instance). It is a weak "attacher" but snugs in nicely in these situations. The nice variegation is conspicuous and we've planted this vine at the base of 7 cottonwoods in our fern & moss garden. The reward will be in 20 years when people see these vines working 30'+ up these tree trunks. Patience.....

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