Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The "Convoy" Has Begun in Earnest!

This morning was quite rainy but a perfect day for Larry and I to take the truck and trailer over to Stonefield Plant Farm (Evansville, WI) to load up with petunias. We ended up with over 120 flats of mixed petunias with a heavy focus on blues for our blue/orange theme this year. It's a bit early to plant petunias but supply is an issue at these wholesalers as warm weather will bring out many of their customers on that "first come, first serve" basis. Herb and Pat (owners) are good friends and have specialty grown lots of cool stuff for us over the years. We have over 1,000 more flats of specialty stuff to pick up in the coming weeks. The convoy has truly begun. We log lots of miles with our truck and trailer as we travel to our various suppliers. We have four great nurseries that are "specialty growing" for us. Our yard will fill quickly and has to accomodate our upcoming plant sale items as well (see below). Incidentally, unknown tulip above but definitely photo worthy. I love the peony-flowering tulips!

The struggle this time of year, as it is for everyone, is how to temper your desire to plant with the reality that you should also be composting, weeding and getting other things in order as well. I have many volunteers ask why we aren't planting yet. There are a lot of reasons for that and I have been warning volunteers that we only have 20% of our plants in yet! Another intense planting season awaits. We usually don't have a lack of people to plant. We appreciate the help of course but there's nothing better than a good weeder! Spring is in full swing. Bridalwreath spirea below, a true classic (that really only shines for 2 weeks or so, but worth the wait).

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