Thursday, May 22, 2008

Exhausting & Rewarding Thursday

Sorry. This wont be much of a blog. I'm pretty tuckered out tonite. We had a full day of Grumpies, volunteers, container planting, weeding, watering and finally, the volunteer appreciation dinner. The dinner was very well-attended and just a small way of showing our appreciation for such a great group of people. Notice ornamental onion (Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen') blooming with not only wonderful umbels (rounded flower cluster) but wide, blue foliage. Lots of Alliums blooming now.
This structure was built in about two weeks as an Eagle Scout project. Nick did a great job and some very motivated helpers were instrumental in the success of this shade structure. We'll put shade cloth over the top and this structure would be utilize to stage/store plant material that needs out of direct sun. This shade cloth provides 60% shade. There are all different "percentages" of shade cloth out there. What a great project, experience for Nick and a cool shade structure for our immediate use.
Another neat shot of mountain silverbell (Halesia monticola) below.

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