Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tough Cookies

We had some "tough cookies" (volunteers) show up today to help out in the gardens and with some indoor projects.  The cooler weather does have an impact on our volunteer turnout (obviously) but we did have a great crew that braved the 20 degree F start to the day.  Above is the 'All Gold' Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra) still showing some color after a very hard frost last night.  There are still spots of color here and there although I'm starting to take my annual, November photographs of ornamental bark.  Anything that was still blooming is now freeze dried!  The Horticulture Center saw some activity today including a visit from our roving gang of turkeys (directly below).  Further below are more photos from today.

 bark of the paper birch (Betula papyrifera) - woody tree
these are yews (Taxus) covered with protective netting (deer) and some lights!

Two of our tough cookies can be seen above.  Bonnie (left) and Peg did a quick indoor project processing cords as seen above but then headed out for leaf and debris clean-up in the gazebo garden.  Ron P. (directly below) continued repairing lights for the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) which should be totally set-up by next Tuesday in time for some testing prior to the premiere lighting at the Taste of Chocolate (TOC) event on November 22nd.  There are only 50 seats left at this "always sold out" event so check out our website and get your tickets soon!  The second photo down shows Vern doing some painting (nice to have him back in action).  Jim, Dave and Bob K. also helped with various carpentry projects both inside and outside (for the HLS).  Dick H. ran to the dump and did some chainsaw work on a downed tree with our new Grumpy Carl.  Carl also headed out to collect leaves with Alan and Ken (third photo down).  Maury ran more errands for us and Bill O. was a big help in the afternoon with various projects.  Whitey and Gary B. finished putting lights on our trees for the HLS.

Our grounds staff is getting smaller.  Today it was only Big John (above), Larry and me.  All three of us worked on different HLS-related projects.  John continues to put up lights and displays while Larry finished the lights on the main building and did lots of odds and ends as well.  I did more cord-running most of the day but had a meeting as well.  Below are more late season shots with a strong focus on ornamental bark!

 bark of the striped maple (Acer pensylvancicum) - woody tree
ornamental bark of our largest redbud (Cercis canadensis) - woody tree
late fall color on one of our Japanese spireas (Spiraea japonica) - woody shrub

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