Friday, November 14, 2014

HLS Close To Completion

It was a frigid day although not unbearable.  I did have my camera with me outside all day as I slung cords with hopeful abandon.  While I took some photos with frozen fingers, most were not "blog-worthy"!  The awesome photo above was shared by Marsha M.  I opted instead to share some 2013 Holiday Lights Show (HLS) photos to inspire and entice readers to come enjoy the show this December.  Better yet, come to the premiere of this light show at the Taste of Chocolate (TOC) event on November 22nd.  We are 91.5% done with the show with completion predicted for next Tuesday and testing/tweaking/primping to follow before Saturday.  

Today we had a skeletonized skeleton crew.  Cindy and Terry finished up the year today with Big John going for another week.  Larry and I will carry through the winter but we had a super year and will see the expanded crew back in April of 2015.  A big thanks to Jenny, Pat, Janice, Cheryl, Cindy, Terry, John and Larry for a super year.  Cindy (half day) finished decorating some structures with lights and spread out some greens for the HLS.  Big John and Terry finished putting up the last of the displays, ran cords and decorated with lights.  Volunteers included Alan M. (raking) and Dr. Gredler (mowing/leaf collection).  We also saw Dr. Yahr.  Pretty quiet out in the gardens today although I met a nice couple from Chicago and encouraged them to come back for the lights show.  The 2014 HLS will be our best ever (mark my words) and these photos will pale in comparison.

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