Monday, November 17, 2014


"Winter is nature's way of saying 'Up Yours'."  Robert Byrne

It was cold today with wind chill temperatures around zero degrees F.  Regardless, we still had some work to do outside for the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) and some indoor projects were completed as well.  A dusting of snow over the weekend added to the effect but the wind was biting and we all "layered up" for this arctic experience.  Our carts (see above) are also ready for the holidays and the HLS will be premiered this Saturday as part of the Taste of Chocolate event.  We'll be testing the entire show this week and making modification as needed based on power load issues. All the cord running (my contribution) will be completed tomorrow.  The "gargoyle" head below sure expresses our sentiments after a couple hours out in the cold!  We had a small turnout of volunteers today but they were all very productive, helpful and tough.

 the kale (Brassica oleracea) above is still offering color but has taken a hit with this severe cold
the English cottage garden above will look spectacular at night!

Above are Bob K. (left) and Dave T. finishing up the trim work on the elf house (back right).  Dave, Vern and Ron Y. also had some other work back at the Horticulture Center and brought out the steps to secure to our giant Adirondack chairs (for safety) with the help of Dick H.  Bob K. also helped replace some outlets as seen directly below.  Alan M. and Carl (our two newest Grumpies) hand shoveled the entire route of the HLS which was extremely helpful so those paths will melt as opposed to becoming compacted ice.  Pat M. (should have been a polar explorer) went out for some pruning and Larry, Big John and I all worked on final HLS tasks.  Janice (second photo down) had some desk work and Maury ran some very timely errands for more cords and other HLS supplies today.  Del swept up the Horticulture Center and we also saw Dr. Yahr, Dr. Gredler, Rollie, Kris K. and some others today.  Further below are more photos from today and last Friday (sans snow).

 Larry can be seen above in the sunken garden today modifying lights
 lights are even on our culvert pipe planters!
color still is provided by this frozen 'Foxy' foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) stalk - perennial
 'Triple Play' phlox (Phlox glaberrima ssp. triflora) still offering color last week - perennial
 our Japanese lanterns are part of the HLS too!
 'Flame' willow (Salix hybrida) showing intensifying winter stem color - woody shrub
just some of our cords poised and ready...
 this "heated plastic igloo' was removed today from the Nancy Yahr Memorial Children's Garden to unveil our newest garden feature (more tomorrow)
our newest bench will be installed next Spring featuring a nice Thomas Jefferson quote.  Back by popular demand, our Thomas Jefferson Collection will also return for year two as well!

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