Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Main Street Coleus - WOW!

Today was another damp one although cooling temperatures later in the week should hopefully mitigate some of the messiness with this recent rain.  With the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) resuming this Friday night (12/19), we'd like to see this moisture freeze up and not be so problematic with a show so reliant on electricity!  It was a quiet day today with Larry working on indoor projects and me bouncing between various duties and the occasional 2015 seed catalog.  Ron P. came in to repair more HLS lights and we also saw Maury, Dr. Yahr and some others today.  Janice came in for some office work and is already planning some exciting modifications for the Thomas Jefferson Collection (year 2!) with Patrea W.

As I've been cataloging and organizing my photos from 2014, I'm continually reminded about all the neat plants I've seen this year.  I'm a big coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) fan to start with so was in "coleus heaven" when I attended the Ball Customer Day (West Chicago, IL) this past July and took over 3,000 photos in their trial garden!  Of course, coleus varieties were abundant and I photographed many I hadn't seen before including the Main Street Series included in this blog.  They were robust plants with some very interesting color and texture (like 'Abbey Road' above).  I envision a bright future for these selections and will be shopping for them later this winter and next spring.

 'Fifth Avenue'
 'Gran Via'
 'Oxford Street'
 'River Walk'
 'Sunset Boulevard'
 'Wall Street'
'Rodeo Drive'

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