Friday, December 12, 2014

Begonias for the Basket!

Today was overcast but mild with a high around 35 degrees F.  The Holiday Lights Show (HLS) ran well last night for the Business After 5 (BA5) event although I had a bit of troubleshooting to attend to today.  Pat came in for some pruning and Janice was in for some office work.  We also saw Maury, Dick H., Big John and Bill O.  I'm continuing through my catalogs (#6 now) and will be running the HLS tonight (opening night!).  Included in this blog is some color to get you through these drab months.  With my recent trips this past summer to other gardens and trial gardens, I'm amassing an amazing amount of images of trailing begonias and it's nice to see their increased use (and value) in the basket or in other "cascading situations".  Many of these are quite sun tolerant and all will thrive in part sun as well.  Most of these are Begonia boliviensis or hybrids with some trailing parentage.  Do more research on specific varieties but enjoy the colors as seen above on 'Bon Bon Sherbert' and those below...

 'Bossa Nova Red'
 'California Sunset'
 'Mistral Dark Red'
'Mistral Red'
 'Ikon Blush White'
 'Santa Cruz Sunset'
 'Summerwings Orange'
 'Waterfalls Encanto Falls Orange'
'Waterfalls Encanto Falls Red'
 'Bonfire Scarlet'
 'Bonfire Orange'
'Sparkle Scarlet'

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