Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Heat Arriving On Time

After a 75 degree F day on Tuesday, we're heading well in to the mid 80 degrees F today and in to the 90s by the weekend.  Those temperatures weren't unusual at this time last year and I'm glad to get more heat to give our summer plantings a boost.  Regular precipitation along with the heat would be preferable though as we still are doing a lot of watering during these dry spells.  Above is a neat bellflower (Campanula hybrida 'Sarastro') which is peaking out in the gardens right now.  We had another wonderful day of volunteer activity.  We welcomed four new volunteers today too!  Steve and Vicki started today and worked with Marilyn, Karla and Eva with some weeding in multiple locations (peony bed and reception garden).  Marilyn and Eva moved on to planting with Mary D. later in the morning.  Shirley C. and Betty H. (third photo down) are new assigned gardeners and have taken responsibility for maintaining our three trial garden beds near the arboretum.  The ladies did a nice job weeding these this morning.  Shirley H. was in for weeding too.  Ron W., Bob C., Larry, Bob K. and Gene all worked on mulching the east border outside our access gates.  Dave, Vern, Jim, Dick H., Dick P. and Ron P. all helped get the improved (wider!) Japanese bridge situated and in place.  Dick P. also worked on bricks and other projects while Dick H. ran to the dump and filled up our gas cans.  Dr. Gredler mowed and Chuck  S. and Art H. did more training on the new cart for future tours.  We also saw Audrey, Carol K., Layton and other tour guides helping our three tours through the gardens today.  Larry and Amy H. came later in the morning to work some more in the fern & moss garden.  We also saw Dr. Yahr, Maury and many others today.

Mary D. planting
Art H. and Chuck S. training for mobile tours on our new cart
Shirley C. (left) and Betty H. (new assigned garden volunteers)
Bev W. weeding her area in the sunken garden
Dick P. working on memorial bricks
Marilyn, Karla, Eva, Steve and Vicki clearing weeds from our big peony bed
Dave, Jim, Dick H. and Vern (left to right) getting our newly improved bridge in place
Shirley weeding between impatiens and ready to pounce like a rabid puma
Larry H. and Bob C. (right) mulching

The grounds staff also had a wide range of tasks to accomplish today as well.  On days like this, much of the work involves helping facilitate and manage all the volunteers.  Directly above are the cheery yellow blooms of the yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) which is a vigorous spreader too (watch out!).  Cheryl was in for a half day and continued her weeding onslaught in the front flower bed along Palmer Drive.  She's doing a nice, thorough job and that area looks highly improved already.  Big John edged, watered and did some serious, and much needed, shopping for grounds (hoses, watering wands, etc.) among other projects.  Larry ran irrigation, watered, push mowed and bounced between projects.  It was a delicate dance to avoid wetting down our tours which we do try to avoid.  Jenny weeded, watered and helped consolidate the yard.  She finished tidying up two major areas as well and watered hanging baskets.  I was involved with our morning volunteers, placed more plants for installation, had a meeting and am catching up on rainy day work that can no longer wait for a rainy day!  Below are some other recent images and at the bottom is some information on our "just announced" summer bus tour.  Check it out!

'Minnie Pearl' hybrid phlox (Phlox hybrida)
'Circus' coral bells (Heuchera)
'Sunrise Sunset' Easy Elegance rose (Rosa)
'Green Velvet' boxwood (Buxus hybrida) recently sheared by Bill O. (cool shadowing too!)

RBG’s Annual Summer Bus Tour 

Saturday, September 7, 2013, 7:00am-6:30pm

Join RBG for a trip to Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL (includes 1-hr guided tram tour or 1-hr guided walking tour); Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, IL (includes 45-minute guided tour); and additional time to explore Lincoln Park’s many other gardens and their award-winning, internationally-acclaimed zoo (free).  Bring a lunch or eat at Morton Arboretum’s beautiful new Gingko Restaurant and Caf√©.  

RBG Friends Members get first dibs on registration through 6/27/13!  Open registration begins 6/28/13.
RBG Friends Members $50/General Public $60

For additional questions or to register by phone, call Kris Koch, Education Coordinator, 608-752-3885 ext.17

For more details or to register online, go to:

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