Saturday, June 15, 2013

Morning Rain (Good and Bad)

Well.  The rain started overnight and continued throughout the morning.  It was damp enough that we cancelled our Volunteer Planting Work Day as it would have been a muddy mess out there.  All the plants I placed yesterday will be fine until next week when we will be planting daily.  The rain also affected attendance at the Rotary Pie Ride although we saw many bikers toughing it out.  Not sure what the weather holds for the afternoon and how that may affect our five weddings out in the gardens.  I'm glad for the soaking rain and as I type, we've had over .5" which should get us through the weekend.

We did see Hal, Doris, Jim S, Marv, Carol and Jim F. who came in to see what the plan was this morning.  I did have three Boy Scouts and two troop leaders arrive and do some indoor work for a couple of hours (cleaning tools, peeling labels, etc.) at the Horticulture Center.  Bill O. and Larry did some garden clean-up and lots of indoor work including vital blade sharpening on the riding mowers.  We also saw Dr. Yahr and some others.  Big John and Janice were in briefly to help and we called it a day early...  At the top is another shot of the 'Henry Kelsey' climbing rose (Rosa) on the one of the pergola columns in the French formal garden.

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