Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Our fifth Volunteer Work Day today was successful and we finished planting the remainder of the entrance garden with the assistance of many fine volunteers.  Thanks to Pat, Pete, Sidley, Barbara, Eva, Steve, Whitey, Leslie, Stephen, Mike, Janet, Renee, Marissa, Alfredo, Zack, Gary, Bob K., Keith, Jodi, Maggie, Jalina, Terri and Marv.  Also thanks to Janice, Big John and Larry from staff who all helped in some way or another.   While the majority of the activity involves planting, we also have to consolidate empty plastic pots, flats, water and tidy up as we go.  We have a great system for this and were happy with the progress.  Bill O. was in for some clean-up this morning before the two weddings and Jumbo Jim has four RECAPPERS with him to tidy up the Japanese garden.  The Janesville Area Herb Society had a meeting and work day today as well out in the gardens.  We saw lots of visitors and it was nice to have such a productive morning before the busy afternoon and hopefully some rains tomorrow.  We also saw Mary F.P., Polly, Maury, Dr. Yahr, Dr. Gredler and many others.  Below are some of the action shots this morning.  We have another planting Volunteer Work Day next Saturday (8 am until 12 noon) and then have the last one of the year in October for bulb planting.

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