Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fantastic Floriade - 2012

We spent the entire day at the Floriade in Venlo, Netherlands. We had arrived in Eindoven last night and enjoyed the city briefly this morning and later had a fun dinner at a local restaurant in town this evening. The proprietor was very gregarious and showed his garden behind the restaurant (which has seating too) and told us quite a bit about the town. While we wish we had more time in Eidoven (and Amsterdam), we're on a mission. The Floriade was very well done and conspicuously well-organized. The distribution of the five primary areas was perfect and I'm pretty sure I made it through the entire venue twice over our eight hour stay. We had some lunch vouchers so I had some nice "mini-lunches" and toured at a rapid pace to make sure I made it all the way thru the gardens. There were many neat display gardens, many of which that were internationally-themed. I took over 1,500 pictures and enjoyed something in every area. For an event that happens every 10 years, I was very impressed and never was in any line (rest room or for food) that was overly long. Everything went well and tomorrow we'll head to Utrecht to see the Mushroom & Asparagus Museum.....I have mixed feelings about that but had asparagus soup tonight that wasn't bad. I haven't had asparagus in 25 years but this wasn't half bad. Looking forward to the last day (tomorrow) but also looking to getting back too!

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