Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day & Tree Sale (Day 2)

Today was day 2 of our Earth Day activities at the Parker Education Center as well as the second day of our Spring Tree Sale.  It was a busy day with many people out in the gardens enjoying the sunny day and steady traffic at the plant sale.  I scraped ice off my windshield to start the day and noted some minor damage on flowers and foliage this morning but don't think it will be too much of an issue.  For those that read my blogs, they may look goofy for a bit until I can figure out the new formats that BLOGGER has provided.  When I started this blog, the new format was revealed and has been challenging.  So far, it's not as easy as my previous format so we'll see how everything goes in terms of my "learning curve".  We had plenty of great volunteers assisting today and Marianne again kept everything running smoothly.  The Blackhawk Golden Kiwanis club again had some good representation and we hope to sell the remainder of the trees by the end of the day.  Luis was here to place labels and Kay worked on peeling plant sale labels and went out in to the gardens for some weeding.  Pete and Renee (both new volunteers) did some nice weeding in the vegetable beds around the Horticulture Center.  I gave a tour for some of our Sunday watering volunteers (Tammy, Sue, Dennis, Gena and Whitey) and later took around our garden docents / tour guides to orient them on some of the new collections, color schemes, etc.  I was impressed with the number of visitors out in the gardens and like to see all the families enjoying RBG.  Larry worked on unpackaging our crated plants (see photo above) and Bill O. was out tidying up many areas in the gardens and emptying our many garbage cans from around the gardens.  Janice kept busy as did Dr. Gredler and Maury. The photo at the bottom shows six of our ten new trees that will be planted next week in the parking lot islands.  These trees (and significant signage) were funded by a WI DNR Urban Forestry Grant.  We'll plant one of these as part of our Arbor Day celebration next Friday (April 27th). 


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