Monday, April 16, 2012

Cool Museum

I wont have pictures with this blog as you have to pay for the internet at our Utrecht hotel (not cheap). I'm using their paltry 30 minute "freebie time". This is my first blog without pictures!

Our gang went to the National Asparagus & Mushroom Museum today and it was actually quite interesting. They are really in to both of those foods and I never realized how important the white asparagus (white because of excluding sunlight) is to this culture. We had some good guides and saw all the historic ways of an early farm and asparagus growing operation. We also had lunch there. Very nice and informative then on to Utrecht.

We're flying back tomorrow and the flight is only an "hour or two" (not really of course!). We gain seven hours flying back so it will be a long day and I'll try to nap on the plane.

I wont blog until Wednesday sometime but look forward to organizing my photos and hope to do a slide show in the trip overall. Lots of fun and ideas. I hope everything has gone well at RBG as we head further in to spring. The conditions here are behind schedule so what I'm seeing here in terms of plants is behind Janesville interestingly enough.

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