Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Priority Planting

Last weekend, the area above was filled with ornamental onions (Allium). Past post photos showed all the "puff balls on a stick". Past peak and starting to go dormant, we cut down the alliums early in the week and weeded the beds. Today, Marv and Terry secured the yellow obelisks and got the beds prepped. These sections, defined by boxwoods, will include "ornamental edibles". That is, all the plants in these beds will be beautiful but will also have an edible or culinary use. We planted three areas today in anticipation of more rain coming soon (tomorrow?). We had Art, Kay, Geesje, Chris, Bob and many others here today helping to plant. We're doing well but will still need the remainder of the month to finish up. Sorry for the brevity tonite but I'm falling asleep as I type and gibberish is running rampant. Check out the neat foliage of this Shantung maple (Acer truncatum 'Akikaze Nishiki'). Subtle variegation....

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