Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Overcast and Productive

This Afghan iris (Iris cycloglossa) reminded me with its beauty that I ordered it last year. Planted in October, this iris is about 24" tall is is slightly fragrant. Hardiness might be questionable over the long run but the three clumps that we put in our alpine garden are garnering lots of attention and appreciation.

Today looked like it was going to rain any minute (it didn't). I actually wish it had started to rain when we finished today. It's always nice to get in a full day of planting followed by a soaking rain. Containers were planted and two other garden spaces were planted with annuals. Some areas were cleared as well. Marv and Terry worked on path repair, edging, turf, etc. I'm always amazed at how productive these guys are as they go down their list. Larry made two runs for plants from a local nursery so we're stocked up for our planting day on Saturday. Note the white fir (Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak') near our pergola. What a nice "haze"of powder blue and consider the fact that it looks cool for 365 days of the year (how many plants do that?).

We had lots of kids at the gardens today which can be a nuisance depending on the amount of supervision that they're given. We had to reprimand many kids for running thru beds, climbing on our rock retaining walls, etc. (all in full view of "chaparones"). I don't think it's wise to let kids loose when they're wound up with the ending of the school year.
Goatsbeard (Aruncus dioicus) is starting to bloom and is significant in stature. Our specimens in the sunken garden are over 5' tall and are in full sun. They do get plenty of water, which is a must in full sun. Goatsbeard will also take part sun and there are some neat varieties out there. I'll show some future images of these varieties. The image below is of a relatively new (and showy) variety of the sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus 'Eskimo Sunset') that has flushed out with beautiful new leaves. Hardiness could be touchy but what a great foliage plant!

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