Monday, November 4, 2013

50 Trees For The Garden

There was a lot of activity at the gardens today although I missed a good portion of it due to a morning expedition for trees and some afternoon appointments.  The first three photos show our trip to Sunset Acres Tree Farm in Stoughton, WI.  They kindly donated 50 evergreens for the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) which will be immediately set-up, decorated and utilized in the show.  Above (left to right) are Denny, Larry, Dwight (of Sunset Acres Tree Farm) and Dick H.  We enjoyed talking with Dwight and appreciate his support of the gardens with this donation of various evergreens for the show.  See for more information on this HLS event sponsor.  Larry, Denny and Dick had a good system in place and it didn't take long to get everything cut, loaded, secured and hauled back.  All of us were veterans of these tree expeditions and had little trouble getting everything back to the gardens.

I was a bit disconnected from our morning volunteers but know that we had Maury, Dick P., Gene, Jim D., Bob C., Pat M., Ron P., Ron W., Gary S., Lloyd, Ron Y., Del, Howie, Dave T., Vern and Jim helping at the gardens.  Dr. Gredler was also in for his mowing rounds. Many of the guys helped haul furniture and benches to winter storage while others shifted to leaf collection and removing some of our last annuals.  Other guys helped finish processing our half gallon milk jug luminaries.  The carpenters all had work and Maury ran some errands for us including returning the rental screen from our very successful Fall Symposium this past Saturday.  Eva collected debris from around the gardens as well.  Stan arrived in the afternoon and put more protective netting on the yews (Taxus) in the Japanese garden as there is already consistent evidence of deer!

The grounds staff had a busy day.  Big John and Terry continued hauling out more displays including obelisks and other HLS elements.  They also pounded stakes in preparation for the incoming trees.  The guys have most of the HLS displays up and by the end of the week, we should have all the major elements up and in place.  I'll continue to run cords as time allows over the next two weeks as well.  After our return from tree cutting, Larry worked on other HLS projects including running cords and organizing more of our HLS outlets and power connections.  Cindy did some major garden clean-up and also continued hauling out luminaries along the HLS route.  This should be a very productive week both out in the gardens and in regards to HLS preparations.  Below are some additional photos taken recently out in the gardens.

'Fire Alarm' coral bells (Heuchera) amongst the leaves - perennial
fall color of 'Debonair' pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens) - deciduous conifer
fruits of the Korean mountain-ash (Sorbus alnifolia) - woody tree
start of fall color (will get more orange) for the three-flower maple (Acer triflorum) - woody tree
fall color of Bowman's root (Gillenia trifoliata) - perennial
cool Japanese lantern shot 

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