Saturday, December 1, 2012

HLS Teaser

The premier lighting of the Holiday Lights Show (HLS) last night went very well.  These images were just some of many that I took last night during the event.  My camera is not real good at night so while most of my shots were blurry, at least these came out!  The Taste of Chocolate (TOC) seemed to be a great success and I heard nothing but positive comments regarding the dinner, chocolate, atmosphere and of course, the HLS!  It was so warm outside (37 degrees F) last night that I took the opportunity to go thru the entire walk and replace luminary bulbs, adjust LED displays, etc.  I found two small problems that I had the time to iron out last night.  Many of the attendees at the event are our current volunteers that have gone to the TOC and HLS in the past.  I must have chatted with 100+ attendees last night out in the HLS.  Universally, everyone felt that the HLS was the best yet.  A little snow would have helped the ambiance but no one was complaining about the mild temperatures for enjoying the walk last night.  This positive response from the first group of people to go thru the entire, completed HLS is a reflection on the hard work of many volunteers and most specifically, our dedicated grounds staff that started putting up the show in early October.  Great job team!  We're preparing for record attendance at the HLS and we certainly hope to maximize this event as a fundraiser as well!  There are many themed displays in the HLS including those that are "horticulturally based" like the lily-of-the-valley directly below and the calla lily at the bottom.  Come see the roses, cacti, daffodils, tulips, trumpetvine, poinsettias, etc.!!!

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