Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

The Holiday Lights Show (HLS) was truly a Winter Wonderland last night with all of the snow.  Oddly enough, for the first eleven of the sixteen years of history for this event, it was actually called the Winter Wonderland Walk.  It became the HLS in 2008 I believe.  I took all of these images last night.  Granted, the snow removal efforts yesterday were Herculean and challenging with such a blend of snow, slush, ice and everything in between.  Thankfully, the paths weren't too bad last night.  Thanks again to Larry, Bill O. and Mark S. for all the snow removal assistance yesterday.  We did some additional salting and sanding of the paths last night as path conditions changed with close to 500 attendees enjoying the show.  It was chilly but the overall effect was nice as seen in these shots taken last night.  I only had some minor power problems and the heavy, wet snows (now frozen) created some work and adjustments.  However, the next two nights should be well-attended and the snow may stick around (literally) for awhile.  Towards the bottom is the Membrino family (Mark, Jenny and the girls).  The Membrino's were some of my Trail Walkers last night whose duty is to make sure the paths are safe and everything is running smoothly.  Volunteers are instrumental in the facilitation of this event.  I don't work the show until next Friday so will enjoy some time off before I return to getting my seed orders together in earnest after the New Year.

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