Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

I'll keep the blog brief ("thankfully" I'm sure some of you are thinking!). Today was a quick stealth mission at RBG with Marianne, Marv, Terry, Big John and I converging on the gardens at 6:30 am to address watering needs to take us through another 100 degree F day. It was 94 degrees by 9:30 am this morning. The gang did a great job addressing dry spots, containers and other target areas. Joan and Corky were in early to water all the vegetables over at the Horticulture Center. Bill O. came in to help tidy up the sunken garden before a wedding this afternoon. Now that will be a "hot one"! Mary and Gena came in around 9 am to do some weeding and we left them tidying up in the gazebo garden as we all left around 10 am. Normally there would only be one or two of around for watering but duty calls on such a hot day.

Some of you may see fireworks yet tonight if your community hasn't cancelled them due to the temperatures and dry conditions. I thought I'd include four plants with "fireworks-like" blossoms. At the top is the 'King Tut' giant papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) with that flowering structure "spray". When visitors ask about the tall plant with the "fireworks top", we know what they're talking about very quickly. Directly above is the tumbleweed ornamental onion (Allium schubertii) is it dries (originally pink at peak). Imagine this with a coat of spray paint to extend interest in to the summer months. Directly below is a shot of the yellow ornamental onion (Allium flavum) that I took in our alpine garden a couple days ago. I like these little yellow clusters above powdery blue foliage and stems. This is a fall-planted ornamental onion and normally blooms in July. At the bottom is a variegated papyrus (Cyperus alternifolius 'Variegatus') that also catches the eye in the container or bed. Enjoy the day and be careful of the heat!

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