Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Color Theme Update

Included in this blog are some shots of the entrance garden that I took about a week ago. With few exceptions, I'm very happy with the results of our white/silver/powder blue combinations and am glad to see the compositions fill in nicely. Of course, the watering requirements have been substantial but the overall look is quite effective. This color theme is also echoed in the terrace garden to nice effect as well. The bottom photo is from last Sunday as we had a great group of volunteers help weed in the alpine garden. Some of our own volunteers are in this shot as are members of the WI/IL Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society. We had a great work morning last Sunday followed by a tour. From left to right are Werner, Damon, Joy, Jane, Dave, Iza (front and center), Ed and Rose Marie. I think we weeded that entire garden which was a timely project. Back soon from vacation with plenty on the agenda. I'm sure our top notch grounds staff and dedicated volunteers have kept the gardens looking great!

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