Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recent Roadtrips

Today was another inferno. The grounds staff (Larry, Pat, Big John, Janice and Jenny) all spent time watering today amongst other task. We didn't do much planting and focused heavily on addressing the most dry areas. I was a bit disconnected as I had some projects to finish and headed off to a presentation in nearby Delavan, WI which filled up the rest of the afternoon. Dr. Gredler was in to mow and water and Dr. Yahr also came in to help water. I remember some summers when we never went over 90 degrees F. These 90+ degrees F days with lots of wind (in June no less!) are hard to keep up with out in the gardens. Kay, Mary D. and Janet all spent some time weeding and tidying in the fern & moss gardens. We also saw Dick H., Marilyn H., Bob D., Bev D., Jumbo Jim, Gordy and many others. I'm not sure who may have come in later in the day but it was brutal on anyone outside as it will be tomorrow.

My presentation for the Delavan Garden Club (30 attendees?) was a travelogue regarding the April trip to the Netherlands. Interestingly enough, half the group had never been to RBG yet! I found that surprising and I hope they make the short trip west this summer. I mentioned all the major sites and features of our trip with a strong focus on Keukenhof and the Floriade. The presentation seemed well received and was held in an authentic Frank Lloyd Wright home on the south side of Lake Delavan (see top photo). Built in the early 1900s, this house was recently refurbished and was absolutely amazing (inside and out). The views were spectacular and I enjoyed a brief house tour before I did my presentation. I now wish I had taken more pictures!

The photos included here are from my Father's Day excursion on this past Sunday morning. I went up to Madison and toured Allen Centennial Gardens on the UW-Madison campus (www.allencentennialgardens.org/) and Olbrich Botanical Gardens (www.olbrich.org/) and thoroughly enjoyed both destinations. Father's Day is one of the few days I get minimal "flack" for visiting other gardens and I'm glad I went. I only took a paltry 600 photos, most of which were unsurprisingly plant close-ups. Look these gardens up and go visit!

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