Friday, June 29, 2012

Marquette, MI

Well, I'm blogging from Marquette, MI where I'll be giving some presentations tomorrow as part of a conference held at Northern Michigan University. The drive was just over six hours straight but was quite nice and I always enjoy trips thru Northern WI and the UP of Michigan. Marquette is a neat town and I walked for about an hour when I arrived to stretch out after the ride. The top photo is the Landmark Inn, a historic hotel (reportedly haunted), where I'll be staying. The other pictures are of various structures in the downtown area. The architecture is amazing. I can see Lake Superior from my room and can see why anyone would want to live here. I imagine the winters can be tough but there is not shortage of scenic beauty to enjoy. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is just to the northwest of Marquette.

I left Marv, Terry, Jenny, Janice and Big John this morning to their Friday duties and saw Kay and Shirley as they came in to help. It was another hot day but I'm sure everyone did well, including all the others that "strayed in" after I left.

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