Saturday, October 18, 2014

Final Volunteer Work Day

Our last volunteer work day of the season was very successful today.  With Lily above leading the charge, we were able to plant 3,000 tulips (Tulipa) in the front entrance garden.  We had a lot of great help which included Lily, Sue, Bob D., Bev D., Tom F., Brian, Jason, Big John, Gary S., Fran, Dr. Steve B., Talen, Bill O. and Larry O.  We were not only able to plant all those bulbs but removed most of the remaining annuals from the entrance garden (led by Big John and Tom (seen directly below)).  Our Compost Clearance Sale went well as we sold another 200 bags or so.  Thanks to Joy for running the register and both Russ and Stan (eighth photo down) helping as loaders.  We also saw Maury, Dr. Yahr and many others today.  It was a great day and Lily made us all feel younger (or maybe older..).  See her at the bottom next to 'Princess' elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum).

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