Friday, September 5, 2014

Pre-Sale & Weekend Prep

Our RBG Friends Member Fall Plant Sale preview went well today.  Despite some intermittent rain and cloudy skies, we had a steady crowd come and purchase a wide assortment of plants.  This pre-sale is just one of the many perks of RBG membership.  We hope to have a great crowd tomorrow.  Above (left to right) are Pat M., Cheryl D., Art H. and Joan F.  These are four of our many wonderful volunteers that helped out in the sale today.  It was nice to see many of our volunteers and members at the sale and with a sunny, cool day (72 degrees F) on tap for tomorrow, we should have a banner day.  Below are some additional shots from this morning.

the Jungle Garden
'Coleosaurus' coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) - annual
'Margarita' banana (Musa sp.) - tropical

While we did have a heavy focus on the first day of the Fall Plant Sale today, we also had myriad gardening duties to accomplish.  With four wedding this weekend, we needed to tidy up the garden which had some fast growing turf and many newly fallen leaves to contend with quickly.  Above is Ron K. working in the woodland walk garden which certainly has an "Autumn look" with all the leaves coming down.  Dr. Gredler (below) and Bill O. worked on all the collective mowing duties.  The next photo down shows Becky who worked with Kay (third photo down) in the front flower display along Palmer Drive. The ladies did a great job primping this space and Kathy (fourth photo down) and Eva finished working along the entrance garden slope which needed some primping and removals as well.  Terry, Cindy and Pat kept busy with gardening tasks as the grounds staff while Janice and I ran the sale.  Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers today (and plant sale patrons!).  Further below are some more images from today.

'Maurelii' Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum) - tropical
'Lemon Lace' golden fleece vine (Fallopia aubertii) - woody vine
'Moonlight' caladium (Caladium sp.) - tropical
 here is my mother-in-law Betty with little Max in one of our new giant-sized Adirondack chairs!

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