Thursday, June 26, 2014

APGA Day 4

I took the most photos of any day thus far that I've been at the American Public Garden Association (APGA) Conference in Denver, CO.  Today (Day 4) we had morning tours to three gardens and I enjoyed each site.  Two had a very strong focus on alpine plants and I'll feature some of those images in the blog tomorrow. The afternoon included more lectures and we all ended up at the Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) for an evening tour, dinner and reception.  The gardens looked beautiful and while I hadn't visited DBG in over 5 years, I found lots of new gardens, modifications and improvements.  This garden is certainly in the Top 10 in the country and is also well know for research and outreach.  The Chihuly glass sculptures around the gardens were tastefully positioned and looked great with lighting as the sun set.  I went through the gardens three times for photo shots and enjoyed seeing their displays.  Included in this blog are just some of the many photos I took during my visit to DBG.  Note the scary boxwood creature in the lower photo!  

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