Sunday, May 18, 2014

Successful Saturday Volunteer Workday

Our first Saturday Volunteer Workday of the season went well with many in attendance.  Janice and Big John helped facilitate and a big thanks to Jim S., Carol S., Marty F., Pat, Hal, Doris, Gary, Sue, Andrew, Dawn, Gary, Mary D., Bethany, Pat R., Pete R., Renne, Joe, Mark, Chuck, Emmett, Britta, Britta's mom, Jenny, Bob K. and Mike P.  These 25 volunteers weren't the only ones!  Jumbo Jim brought in three RECAPPERS to tidy up the Japanese garden and Bill O. came in to help Larry with various projects.  Dennis J. and Elaine S. ran the Bagged Compost Sale (runs three more Saturdays!, 8 am - 12 noon) and the Janesville Area Herb Society was at the Horticulture Center for their monthly meeting.  It was a crazy day but the weather was nice and our planting and tidying focus was all around the gazebo garden and the east end of the gardens as there were weddings on the other end!  We'll have four more of these workdays in succession over the next four Saturdays (8 am - 12 noon).

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