Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Been A Great Run!

For readers of this blog, please consider this notice of an indefinite hiatus for the Horticulture Blog.  With recent restructuring, I'll need to spend more time on volunteer recruitment, retention and appreciation efforts which are all of the utmost importance to me. With our myriad events and activities, our volunteers continue to be an amazing and paramount part of everything we do.  I need to make sure that my efforts with these expanded duties are done to their best and fullest extent.  In order to accommodate and balance these vital duties along with my current workload and family life, the blog will have to take a "breather".  It has been fun sharing with all of you.

Started on March 24, 2008, there are over 1530 postings you can go back through and enjoy.  Do keep in touch with the gardens via FACEBOOK and our website at for the latest developments as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year!


P.S.  I'll still have my camera always in hand!


Catherine WI said...

Very sad. Blog was a great marketing tool
And free, too!

No Name Blog said...

This saddens me as well. I have enjoyed the blog and the beautiful pictures.

Mark Dwyer, Director of Horticulture, Rotary Botanical Gardens said...

I'm back blogging!