Saturday, January 4, 2014

HLS Success!

Stay warm everyone!  What crazy weather we're having and those recurring cold temperatures aren't fun for anyone (including our local wildlife!).  If you've ever thought about feeding the birds (and crafty squirrels), this would be a vital time to get started.  I can envision the area deer population getting creative with nibbling here shortly out in the gardens.  Watch all the wildlife tracks around your yard and sympathize with any creature having to deal with these dangerous temperatures (including our mail carriers, etc.).

The Holiday Lights Show (HLS) finished on December 29th which was a very chilly night.  The night previous was actually quite mild and saw an almost record crowd.  While we don't have the final attendance numbers yet, it looks like the 2013 HLS will compare favorably with last year.  We will leave some of the lights up for two rental functions this month but will ultimately start taking down the show once the weather warms a bit.  Our intent was to start this past Thursday but it was too darn cold.  That's not to say there wasn't plenty of indoor work occurring including painting (see Maury at the bottom), priming, carpentry, etc.  I've been off these past two weeks with the exception of HLS duties (snow removal included) so haven't seen everyone that has been popping in daily.  However, I'm back in action this Monday with a full plate for the next three months.  

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