Friday, December 13, 2013

HLS With Snow - Don't Miss It!

The Holiday Lights Show (HLS) opens up tonight (4:30 pm - 9 pm) for the public and will run for only twelve evenings this month.  See for more information on this event including event dates, entertainment schedule, sponsor information, etc.  The HLS also features a model train set-up by the the Southern Wisconsin Garden Railway Society, a quilt display, refreshments, scheduled Santa stops, etc.  Tonight is also "Ugly Sweater Night"!  All the photos in this blog were taken by me last night as we had the show on as part of the "Business After Five" (BA5) event that had a huge crowd.  I was able to walk the show for a couple of hours and do some tweaking and photographing prior to the public opening this evening.  While we've posted some photos of the HLS previously, they didn't have the benefit of the snow which really adds the "icing on the cake" as seen in all of these photos.  We had lots of positive feedback from guests last night and it was nice to see everything working well.  The evidence of deer traffic throughout the gardens is a bit disconcerting but hopefully we'll see minimal damage by spring.

I worked on various projects for 2014 but also saw many volunteers today.  Dr. Gredler and Pat were in for painting and Pat headed out for some winter pruning.  Urban was also in for some crabapple (Malus) pruning.  We also saw Maury (errands), Glenn, Vern, Jim D., Al and Janice.  It was relatively quiet which was perfect for sifting through more catalogs and other desk work.  We hope it will be a busy weekend for the HLS.

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Marsha Mood said...

I love all of these pictures, Mark!