Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Progress Daily

It turned out to be a great day with sunshine and temperatures in the 50 degrees F.  There continues to be more color each day and the crocus (Crocus sp.) above wasn't blooming yesterday and here it is today!  We've planted thousands of crocus here but unfortunately many are nibbled as they start to bloom.  I'm glad I caught this clump as it may not be around tomorrow...  As evidenced by the winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) shot directly above, I'm not tired of photographing this early spring beauty.  

It was "crazy busy" today with staff and volunteers working on myriad projects.  Jenny and Cindy (orange jacket) below worked together tidying up three different garden areas and came back with many loads of debris.  Big John removed deer fencing, secured more obelisks and helped with some other projects as well.  Pat started the day as a volunteer working on our espalier apple (Malus) with Urban (fourth photo down) and ended the day as a grounds staff member with additional clean-up efforts in multiple areas.  Larry did some chainsaw work this morning and helped load up cottonwood (Populus deltoides) debris created by our  tree climbers (John and Steve) yesterday.  The guys were back for more trimming today.  Larry worked on many other spring projects and was later joined by Bill O.  The second photo down shows Ron (blue hat) and Larry H. unloading some of that same tree debris from the color rooms garden.  Our sanding team today consisted of Ron Y., Bob C., Gene, Dave and Jim.  Vern continued to stain and Dr. Gredler worked on painting some new planters.  Maury ran many errands and helped in the Horticulture Center while Dick H. loaded up the dump truck and made some dump runs.  The fifth photo down (left to right) shows Big John, Larry and Dick H. loading the truck.  I'm in the truck stomping the load down and realized I had my camera with me (as usual).  Jumbo Jim and three RECAPPERS (third photo down) dug out our culvert pipe planters and also helped with garden clean-up.  We also saw Kelli C., Rose M., Janice, Mary W., John J., Steve L. and many others today.

The photo above shows some daffodils (Narcissus) pushing their way up through a layer of wood mulch.  We're seeing this all over the gardens and it's amazing how these bulbs muscle their foliage up through this often frozen layer of mulch.  Odd that last year the daffodils were almost done at this point in time.  Regardless, we should have a good show in the coming weeks.  Directly below are two shots of the gray snow mold (Typhula sp.) which is very prevalent this year.  We've had this issue before and it's primarily a result of extended snow cover which is required for infection and the creation of these patches.  The turf will recover in most cases and this recovery can be hastened by simply raking up the areas, thereby facilitating more essential air movement.  This disease does not concern me much as I've rarely seen any lasting damage despite the occasional appearance of these sickly patches.  At the bottom is the south entry to the Japanese garden this morning.

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Christine said...

We still have snow here in Taylor Co. Winter is getting *old*. More snow coming Saturday :(. Nice to see color somewhere.