Thursday, March 7, 2013

I was mobile most of the day delivering seeds to our various growers.  It's nice to touch base with these operations, all of which are local and family owned.  In fact, I've been working with most of these growers since 1999!  Above are just some of the seeds that I transported and dropped off today.  Note the colored labels which will be vital in sorting and organizing the returning plants by collection.  For instance, that box in the lower right with yellow labels contains all the seeds for the All-America Selections (AAS) display garden.  We have again entered the AAS Landscape Display Contest which we were happy to participate in last year (and win first place).  We hope to defend our crown with an interesting twist to the collection this year.  It's magic that this little box o'seeds will come back at 20,000 plants!  I was only at the Horticulture Center this morning and later in the afternoon.  Before I left this morning, I did see a slew of Grumpies including Del, Dick H., Pat, Dave T., Jim, Vern, Gene, Dr. Gredler, Ron Y. and I think Gary and Maury were around later.  Larry worked on various projects and Bill O. was in later.  Kay, Pat R. and Cindy B. all worked on peeling, separating and sorting the remainder of our plant sale labels (the stack seen below).  We have a couple more to make but the bulk are done.  Janice was also in later and I'm sure many others stopped by as well.  The bottom photo shows a neat snow formation on the bottom portion of our giant obelisk.  This caught my eye this morning and disappeared quickly with above freezing afternoon temperatures.  No meeting tomorrow and I'll be focusing on more spring preparations in earnest!

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