Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seed Ordering Peak

Today was very quiet at the Horticulture Center.  The blog title for today is very appropriate for two reasons.  I'm currently at the peak of seed ordering and have probably ordered more than half of our seeds including almost everything for the Spring Plant Sale (May 11-12).  They are starting to arrive in the mail too as seen directly above (Ivy Garth Seeds).  I also had a personal record today and ordered from eight different companies.  I'm so happy that I can do almost all of my ordering online and will have the paper catalog open as I order as well.  There is quite a difference in the quality of these seed source websites but overall, it sure beats the old fashioned pencil on paper FAXed versions!  Above is the 'Punch Bowl' blanket flower (Gaillardia hybrida) which we grow as an annual.  I'm not sure if this would overwinter here.  We grow blanket flowers as annuals or short-lived perennials (2 years or so).  Another one I ordered today was the 'Bridesmaid' zinnia (Zinnia elegans) which did well for us last  year and tops out around 18" tall with lots of flower power.  I think I'm up to 300 varieties of seed-grown annuals but I still have a stack of catalogs to peruse over the next week or two.  We also received some trial seeds from Ball Seed today.  I didn't get in to the gardens at all today but will take a tour tomorrow with a particular focus on looking for deer damage, remaining pruning needs and other impending tasks!

Dick W. was in all morning continuing his work on stripping the lights off the pvc arches from the Holiday Lights Show (HLS).  While there are only two strands of lights (100 bulbs per strand) on each 20' long pvc pipe, they are twisted around the pipe and secured well with electrical tape.  It takes some time to accomplish this task but there aren't many of the 50 or so original arches left to process.  Seen directly below, Nancy (in pink), Myrt (flannel) and Gena arrived this afternoon to take lights off of obelisks and other decorations.  They had a good system and made quick work of that project and also finished most of the remaining pvc pipes.  Maury came in to talk about some garden improvements and supplies and we also saw Glenn and Janice.  Janice worked on processing some seed orders and is doing further research that will be utilized at the spring plant sale.  The second photo down shows the center circles for our sun garden art projects.  The final product, primed and ready, will be available by Monday, February 4th.  See our website soon for participation details regarding the fourth year of this popular garden art project.

GOOD NEWS!  The deadline for joining RBG on a trip to England this May 20th thru May 30th has been extended until February 15th, 2013.  We have significant interest in this trip but there are still some openings to enjoy this English Gardens Tour.  Highlights include the 100th Anniversary of the Chelsea Garden Show, Windsor Castle, free time in London, Hampton Court (bottom photo), Wisley (flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society), Chartwell, Maidstone, Canterbury, Goodnestone Park (directly below), Great Dixter, Sissinghurst, Leeds Castle, Hever Castle, Penshurst Place & Gardens, etc.   For all the trip details including the exciting itinerary, see the link on the home page of  Don't pass up this once in a lifetime experience!

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