Sunday, October 21, 2012

3,600 More Reasons To Visit In Spring

We had a very productive work day yesterday morning.  The last of the season, we thankfully had great weather for this work session (8 am until 12 noon).  While we didn't get as many volunteers as I had expected, we had just enough to get through our bulb planting goals for the morning.  The gang planted over 3,600 bulbs in the entrance garden, North Point garden and English cottage garden.  Above are Larry (left) and Big John planting one of the three center circles in the front entrance garden patios.  We did a lot of digging in front of the building where most of our tulips (Tulipa) were planted.  Directly below are Deb and Alex (grandson).  Further down is Larry digging, Janice (in red) digging, Cheryl and Mary D.  We also had help from Mike P., Maggie, Jumbo Jim and four RECAPPERS.  The fourteen of us finished in time to get everything tidied up in the gardens where we planted.  Jim and the RECAPPERS were also able to collect leaves in the Japanese garden and Bill O. was around to pick up trash and help collect leaves as well.  We also saw Polly, Mark S. and Dr. Yahr.  There also seemed to be quite a few visitors yesterday and some photography shoots as well.  We're all looking forward to the spring results of our October labors!  At the bottom is a picture that Janice captured yesterday morning.  Great shot.

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