Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Tale of Three Tulips And A Mosquito

With such nice weather this weekend, I've put my stresses about the heat wave aside to enjoy the weather like everyone else. I was startled to see these tulips (Tulipa) above blooming yesterday near a local elementary school. Granted, this location was on the south side of the building with plenty of radiant/reflective heat from the structure and surrounding sidewalks but wow! Not only are we seeing these tulips in March but a day prior to St. Patrick's Day. I don't know the variety but have observed these for years and have been looking daily for them as my daughter and I walk the dogs along this route. Today we were up near Madison and a mosquito flew in thru an open window and was looking for a snack! Crazy weather. Back out to the garden with some Harp beer awaiting the celebration of my Irish heritage (from the O'Dwyer Clan from County Tipperary...). Enjoy the weather but don't put the ice scraper for your windshield away yet!

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NellJean said...

If near a school, perhaps part of the project that school children participate where the march of spring northward is recorded by the blooming of Red Emperor tulips. I think they call it "Journey North."