Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicago Botanic Garden

Today concluded the three day NAJGA (North American Japanese Garden Association) conference at the Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG). The pictures included in this blog are from today and are just some of the 800+ that I took over the weekend. Yesterday included presentations while today started with the tour of the Japanese garden at CBG which is quite impressive. Benjamin C., the head gardener for that garden, led us around and did a nice job facilitating the weekend. Karen M. and I made some great connections and I think there will be future value in being involved with this fledgling organization. Karen and I travelled together both Friday and today and both agreed that it was definitely worth attending this conference. Back to business tomorrow and I have a talk on Healing Gardens in Sheboygan tomorrow evening.

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The Garden Lady said...

Thanks for your summary and delightful photos. It was a great weekend.
K. T. from Hawaii