Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Obelisk Transformation

We are now repainting our obelisks to correspond to our color schemes out in the garden. Don't forget that hardscape elements (such as obelisks) out in the garden can not only personalize the space but can be design features and focal points as well. The 'Wild Iris' purple you see to the left is on the narrow obelisks that were bright yellow last year. Two coats of exterior paint and we're ready to roll. Thanks to Rose, Urban, Maury and Dr. Gredler for painting. The blue obelisks will become lime green and the orange obelisks will be bright pink! We now have a "herd" of 40 or so obelisks that go out in the garden in select locations. Some will have vines, some vegetables and some nothing at all. The word obelisk is of Greek derivation and means "diminutive pointed pillar". The official definition refers to a four-sided, tapering monolith (typically stone) that tapers to a narrow point. We sure enjoy them in the gardens although we've only converted the first eight of 30 or so that need to be repainted (see Urban and Rose to the right).

I'm running another load of seeds (see below) to one of our growers this afternoon. This grower will be starting all of our plant sale vegetables and will also start another 1000 or so flats of specialty annuals as well. We have about 98% of our seeds in with the remaining back orders on the way. I have to say that people in the "green industry" are very kind, sharing and authentic. Our relationship with our growers is a friendship first and foremost and we're fortunate to be able to utlilize their skills. I doubt we'll ever have a production greenhouse here and are comfortable relying on our three wonderful growers in the immediate area. I hope the green industry weathers the current economic turbulation as perhaps people will get back to more traditional gardening and realize the myriad benefits of gardening.

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