Monday, September 15, 2008

Hosta Trip

Nice shot of the sunken garden above. Chris and Bob do a nice job on this border and have done so for many years. Terry and I traveled to Beaver Dam (1.5 hrs. away) to visit a gentleman (Paul) that wanted to donate some of his private hosta collection before he moves. We were amazed by the maturity and variety of his collection and were given the freedom to dig whatever we liked. Paul is a member of the Wisconsin Hosta Society and falls in line with all the generous donors of plants from those groups. We came back with over 60 varieties of hostas, most of which we don't currently have in the gardens. These are large clumps that can further be divided. Needless to say, it was worth the trip and our thanks go out to Paul and his wife for their generosity in sharing their plants with Rotary Gardens and our visitors! One of the varieties ('Sun Power') can be seen below although the picture is from a different location.

Marv worked on moving rocks in an area to increase path accessibility (no small feat!) and continues to demonstrate great attention to fine details. The flood fellas kept busy replacing gravel paths and did a great job finishing a tough task. Janice and Jerry kept up with "mobile tidying" around the gardens and continue to clean up debris, remove spent annuals, prune shrubs and accomplish myriad tasks that many might normally overlook. Larry was again the "catch-all" and kept Grumpies and others moving along. Special thanks are in order for all of the staff and volunteers that helped prepare and run the fall plant sale. We had some rainy days but I think it was a successful sale overall. We'll have one more clearance day next Saturday and see what we can clear out! Cool Japanese anemone blooming right now as I type. Below is Anemone hybrida 'September Charm' (pretty sure) that blooms typically in early September. What a beautiful flower and we have many around the grounds.

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