Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Walking in Winter Wonderland (in March)!"

We've had flurries all day. Not much accumulation and it wont last long. However, it looks really nice up in the trees and blanketing the landscape. The bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabilis) to the left wont look like this for a month or so but it's always nice to see this stalwart perennial announce mid-Spring. We couldn't do much in the garden today but are poised and ready to tackle our spring clean up duties next week. Most Rotary Gardens visitors don't know that we have a "skeleton crew" for paid grounds staff. There are only two of us that are year-round and I add six more seasonals in April. The seasonals are awesome gardeners and do a wonderful (albeit often underappreciated) job out in the gardens. Looking forward to having the same crew back and jumping right in. We have a great gang of volunteers that are starting to trickle back in. Our reliable "Grumpies" have been working thru the winter on carpentry projects, painting, sealing benches, pruning, etc. These retired gentlemen (with the occasional lady) bring lots of talent and motivation to our volunteer corps. It's important to mention that we have volunteers in all facets of the organization, from gardening, to tour guides, gift shop workers, educators, etc. The past, present and future of Rotary Gardens is directly related to our volunteers. That can never be overstated.

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Garden Diva said...

If is were only true....spring, that is! I'm still dealing with blizzard beetles, snow fleas and a fresh 3-inch blanket of the white stuff, here below the stateline in Roscoe. This morning all that was in bloom were tulip, crocus and daff foliage icicles. I can dream, though.
Garden Diva